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Build a New Customer Base

  • We deliver a Quality, Affluent, Decision-making Audience that wants to establish go-to relationships they can rely upon to help them enhance their homes and living experience

  • The show audience has a Medium to High Household Income

  • We will be utilizing and deploying Marketing Campaigns across a wide spectrum of top media outlets including: TV, Radio, Branded web marketing, Consumer e-canvas programs, Direct-Mail, Print Advertising, and social media marketing via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Millions of repeated campaign impressions will reach a huge audience of homeowners, first time homeowners, DIY consumers and ready-to-buy consumers that have a wide range of immediate and long term product needs.

  • Surveys state very clearly that Consumers Trust Brands and People that they get to know face-to-face, especially when it comes to their homes. They spend heavily based upon a personal trust factor that is best developed in person.

  • Social Media Referral – Establishing ongoing face-to-face relationships with core customers that come to appreciate your products and services will provide you with long term benefits as they promote and refer you to their social media friends. Many will provide you with testimonials that widen the potential network of new prospects you can cultivate.

  • You will be establishing new B2B relationships with companies that  will be exhibiting at the show. You will be building some new relationships that allow you to bundle services for consumers.

  • Post show follow-up. We will be sending out consumer satisfaction surveys, and will be speaking to all of the exhibitors to gauge their experience. We are in partnership with a marketing services firm and can provide web development, customized marketing programs, and consultative services to any brand looking to activate a market.

  • The location where we present the Spaces We Create Lifestyle and Design Show was carefully selected based on our marketing and research in the chosen area or location for our shows. We select well-known venues, that are easy to drive to, in the heart of a huge consumer audience, and have a reputation of presenting great shows throughout the year that are hugely successful.



We run multi-week on-air and online attendance promotion campaigns in advance of the events ensuring top-of-mind awareness among hundreds of thousands of targeted viewers. In the weeks prior to the event, we send out press releases and run campaigns directed to your target market about the issues to be featured and addressed at the event and we broadcast live coverage throughout the event weekend. 


The opportunity for on-air Exposure on Radio and Television


Use your exhibit space to distribute information, samples and coupons, and, of course, sell products and services to qualified buyers packing the event aisles.



A listing or display ad in the full color, on-site printed program which is distributed  free to all attendees


Promote current deals

Get exposure for your brand, generate leads and drive on-site revenue.  

Share the big news

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let your customers know.

Display Your FAQs

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions that you get from your customers, so that everyone benefits.

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